Electricity Experiments

Physics is not only about learning stuff from the textbooks and answering worksheets. There were many of you who were also interested in making stuff. At least that’s what you had said in the class.

Since you didn’t have much time in school, and I hope that at least some of you will have time right now, I thought it would be good idea for you to try making some stuff at home. And Unnati just reminded me about this when she asked how to make a motor. So, let’s start with electricity. Here’s a link to Arvind Gupta’s webpage which has short videos on how to make lots of interesting small things: http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/films.html

Go to the fifth collection titled ELECTRICITY EXPERIMENTS on this page. Try your hand at some of these and let us all know what you tried and how successful were you.

We can continue doing this even during the next term in the school. Trust me you will have a lot of time to kill in this term. After all how many times will you just revise your textbook?

CAUTION: DO NOT TRY ANY EXPERIMENTS involving 220 V supply in your house. Please!


4 thoughts on “Electricity Experiments

  1. sir why cant we do he experiments involving 220 volts??? as long as there is sufficient resistance the current should be low right?

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